Mstislav Rostropovich about Boris Tchaikovsky: "...I consider him to be a genius, whose contribution to the cello repertoire has yet to be sufficiently appreciated. I remember that after the first performance of his Cello Concerto Shostakovich declared his intention of uncovering the secret of the work's "unearthly beauty". Boris's modest nature would prevent him from ever showing off or advertising himself, and I do not think that sharing a surname with the illustrious Pyotr has helped him either. Nevertheless, I do think that one day people will come to know that two great Russian composers bore the same name… Partita … was the second work he had composed for me. The first was the Suite for solo Cello, which though composed in the classical tradition is still fresh and charming. It contain humour that is very characteristic of this great composer's creativity." [Introduction to EMI's CD-set]