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Naxos, 2018

Naxos: Piano Trio - Cello Sonata
                  - Cello Suite Piano Trio (1953)

Cello Sonata (1957)

Suite for solo Cello

Christopher Marwood (cello)
Haik Kazazyan (violin)
Olga Solovieva (piano)


"The Piano Trio is given a persuasive performance by Haik Kazazyan, Christopher Marwood and Olga Solovieva.
Mark Pullinger, Gramophone

"…Excellently played by Marwood and Solovieva, who bring fine drama to the sonata."
David W Moore, American Record Guide

GP 716
Grand Piano, 2016

In March 2016: Chamber and Piano
                  Pieces Sonata for Violin and Piano (1959)
Sonata for Two Pianos (1973)*
Five Pieces for Piano (1935)*
Five Pieces for Piano (1938)
Five Preludes for Piano (1936)
Etude for Piano (1935)
Etude for Piano (1972)
Etude for Piano (1980)*
March for Piano (1945)*
Prelude for Piano (1945)
Three Pieces for Piano (1945)*

Olga Solovieva (piano)
Dmitry Korostelyov (piano)
Marina Dichenko (violin)

* World Premiere Recordings!

" There is plenty of good music to be heard here [...] Definitely recommended
Gapplegate Classical-Modern Music Review

Naxos, 2014

Naxos: Piano Quintet - The War
                  Suite Piano Quintet (1962)

The War Suite (1964/2011) *

The Vanbrugh Quartet
Olga Solovieva (piano)
Maxim Anisimov (clarinet)
Ioana Petcu-Colan (violin)

* World Premiere Recordings!

"Piano Quintet is in many ways a remarkable work [...]. The performances are exceptional.."
Tim Ashley, The Guardian

" The hard-driven scherzo is among the finest string quartet music from the second half of the 20th century [...]. As a whole this is an extremely fine score I greatly commend to you. [...] Very good sound quality."
David Denton, David's Review Corner

© Divox, 2014

Cello Sonata Sonata for cello and piano (1957)

also on the CD Weinberg - 24 Preludes for solo cello, op.100
Emil Rovner (cello), Alla Ivanzhina (piano)

42. MC 148
Marina Tarasova & Boris
                Tchaikovsky Sonata for cello and piano (1957)

also on the CD pieces for cello by Sergey Prokofiev, Sergey Chebotarev, and others.
Marina Tarasova (cello), Boris Tchaikovsky (piano)
"This [Boris Tchaikovsky's Cello Sonata] is a work that breeds on contrast and conjunction and is realised with powerful control by both musicians"

Jonathan Woolf,  Music Web

© Profil Medien, 2012

Violin Concerto / Violin Sonata:
                  Victor Pikaizen, Boris Tchaikovsky, Kirill Kondrashin Violin Concerto (1969) *
Sonata for Violin and P
iano (1959) **

Victor Pikaizen, violin
Moscow Philharmonic
. Conductor Kirill Kondrashin
Boris Tchaikovsky, piano

** first appearance on CD!

"This is a fascinating release of rarely heard music that when combined with listening concentration will provide real rewards. Boris Tchaikovsky is a composer of considerable worth.<> Viktor Pikaizen deserves great praise for his impressive playing.

Michael Cookson,  Music Web

CR 991095
© + (P) 2010 FPRK Kuenstlerleben Foundation

Theme and 8 variations (recorded 1979)

also on the CD
Weinberg - Symphony No.6,
Szymanowski - Symphony No.3  (live recordings 25/01/2010)
Tchaikovsky Symphony Orchestra. Conductor Vladimir Fedosseyev


© Profil Medien, 2010

Second Symphony, piano pieces Second Symphony (1967) *
Four Preludes for piano (1936) **
Five Pieces for piano (1938) **
Two Etudes for piano (1935, 1972) **
Prelude for piano (1945) **

Moscow Philharmonic. Conductor Kirill Kondrashin
Boris Tchaikovsky, piano

* Premiere Performance Recording (1967) - first appearance!
** Premiere recordings (1985-1986) - first appearance!


Naxos, 2010

Naxos: Andersen's Tales Suites Four Preludes for Chamber Orchestra (1985)
Galoshes of Fortune (1958) (suite) *
Swineherd (1954) (suite) *
Andersen Fairy Tales (1955-56) (suite) *

Musica Viva Chamber Orchestra. Conductor Kirill Ershov

Recorded in 2009
* World Premiere Recordings!

"This is an enormously enjoyable release and a worthwhile addition to Tchaikovsky’s ever-growing discography. There is not much else to do but just sit down, listen and enjoy".
Hubert Culot,  Music Web

NEOS 20905
© NEOS, 2009
Clarinet Concerto Concerto for Clarinet & Chamber Orchestra (1957)

also on the CD: Claude Debussy - “Première Rhapsodie (1910); Petite Pièce (1910) orch. by Matthias Müller
Carl Maria von Weber - Concerto for Clarinet and Orchestra No. 2 (1810)
Tchaikovsky Symphony Orchestra. Conductor Misha Damev.
Matthias Mueller (clarinet).
"What might tip the board is the concerto of Boris Tchaikovsky... <...>. Having never heard it before, I liked it a lot.."  Steven E. Ritter (Fanfare)


© Toccata Classics, 2009

                    premiere recordings: String Trio, From Kipling, Four
                    Poems by J.Brodsky, Two Pieces for Balalaika &

Two Poems by Mikhail Lermontov  (1940) *
String Trio (1955) *
Four Poems by Josef Brodsky (1965) *
Lyrics of Pushkin (1972) **
Two Pieces for Balalaika and Piano (1991) *
From Kipling (1994) *
Olga Filonova (soprano), Svetlana Nikolayeva (mezzo soprano), Olga Solovieva (piano), Alexey Khutoriansky (violin), Lev Serov (viola), Marina Archakova (cello), Kirill Ershov (balalaika)
Recorded in 2006

* - world premiere recordings
* - first digital recording
"The performers are all impressive.
Add in good sound, and strong liner notes...
It’s truly a winner." Barry Brenesal, Fanfare

IRR-Outstanding Release
Outstanding Release 
(International Record Review).


© Brilliant Classics, 2009

Rudolf Barshai Edition,
10 CDs

Chamber Symphony (1967)

Moscow Chamber Orchestra. Conductor Rudolf Barshai

FRC 9111

© Regis Records /Forum, 2008

Issued by Regis Records -
                  Piano Quintet, The Last Spring (composer playing
                  piano) Quintet for Piano, two Violins, Viola and Cello (1962)
"The Last Spring", vocal cycle (1980)
Boris Tchaikovsky (piano)
Prokofiev  Quartet (Polina Guberman, Irina Listova, Nina Belskaya, Tatyana Prokhorova)

Natalia Burnasheva (mezzo), Sergey Bubnov (
flute), Alexander Ivanov (clarinet)

Recorded: 1978 (Quintet) & 1985 (The Last Spring)
 "The Piano Quintet is a masterpiece, quite simply one of the greatest ever written, and fully equal--in its own way--to Shostakovich’s great work in the genre.."
Mark Lehman
(American Record Guide May/June 2009)

NF/PMA 9964-65

© Northern Flowers , 2008

String Quartets -
                    first complete recordings. Ilya Ioff, Elena Raskova,
                    Lidia Kovalenko, Alexey Massarsky

Complete String Quartets (No.1-6)
two CDs

String Quartet No.1 (1954) *
String Quartet No.2 (1961)
String Quartet No.3 (1967) **
String Quartet No.4 (1972) **
String Quartet No.5 (1974) **
String Quartet No.6 (1976) **

Ilya Ioff (1st violin)
Elena Raskova (2nd violin)
Lidia Kovalenko (viola)
Alexey Massarsky

Recordings 2008

* - world premiere recordings
** - first digital recordings

"Recordings Of The Year 2009" accordingly  MUSICWEB INTERNATIONAL

"The Tchaikovsky who lived in Soviet Russia wrote music that was so far ahead of its time and outside official styles that you have to double-check the dates. The 1954 first quartet sounds like music Shostakovich wrote 20 years later. The second quartet (1961) delivers Glass-like minimalisms while the third (1967) anticipate the mystic Pole, Gorecki. Compelling stuff."
Norman Lebrecht
(La Scena Musicale, January 7, 2009,
“Three more to try”)

CR 991091
© + (P) 2007 FPRK Kuenstlerleben Foundation

"A Tribute to Boris Tchaikovsky: 
Modern Russian Music for Winds

Modern Russian Music for
                    Winds: Tribute to Boris Tchaikovsky

Boris Tchaikovsky: 
Sextet for Flute, Oboe, Clarinet, Bassoon, Horn & Harp
Passacaglia and Fugue for Flute, Oboe, Clarinet, Horn, Violin, Viola, Cello & Double Bass (1940s) *
suite from film music for Two Flutes, Clarinet, Bass Clarinet, Cello & Piano
(1960) *

also on the CD: Andrey Golovin - “The Spring Song” for Trombone & Piano (1993) 
Stanislav Prokudin -  Three Nocturnes for Clarinet & Piano (2003); Petr Klimov - Little Fantasy for solo Clarinet (To the Memory of Boris Tchaikovsky)  (1998); Moment Musicaux for Oboe, Horn & Piano (2004); Alexey Vershinin - Two Pieces  for Flute, Clarinet and Bassoon (2001)
Ksenia Prassolova - Five Canons  for two Clarinets (1997); Anton Prischepa -"The Two" for Clarinet and Cello (2004) 

Anton Prischepa, clarinet, bass clarinet
Maxim Rubtsov,
flute; Andrey Rubtsov, oboe; Andrey Shuty, clarinet; Andrey Snegirev, bassoon; Fyodor Yarovoi, horn; Ksenia Erdeli Jr., harp
Andrey Golovin,
piano; Valery Golikov, trombone 
Ekaterina Gubernatorova,
Tatiana Larina,
flute; Maria Rubinshtein, flute
Igor Fedorov,
clarinet; Alexander Posikera, bassoon
Sergey Goncharov & Andrey Galitzky,
Filipp Nodel,
oboe; Sergey Kryukovtsev, horn
Konstantin Kaznacheyev,
violin; Elizaveta Fadeyeva, viola; Olga Dyomina, cello; Pavel Alfyorov, double-bass
Alexey Steblev,
cello; Stanislav Prokudin, piano; Petr Klimov, piano; Olga Solovieva, piano

* - world premiere recordings
 "All in all, this is a very fine release with fine performances in very good recorded sound. It may be enjoyed from first to last. It should of course appeal to all admirers of Boris Tchaikovsky’s music, were it only for his fine Sextet - the real gem here. Well worth exploring".
Hubert Culot,  Music Web

NF/PMA 9957

© Northern Flowers , 2008

Coming in January 2008:
                    Slavonic Rhapsody (cond. S.Samosud), Fantasia on
                    Russian Folk Themes, Capriccio on English Themes,
                    Sinfonietta (cond. A.Gauk); rec. 1950s

Fantasia on Russian Folk Themes (1950)
Slavonic Rhapsody (1951) *
Capriccio on English Themes (1954) 

Moscow Radio Symphony Orchestra. Conductor Alexander Gauk

* Moscow Philharmonic Orchestra. Conductor Samuil Samosud

Recordings 1951-1957

 "In conclusion then; delightfully open-hearted music and music making. Lyricism and warmth meet their match in sometimes rawly recorded (of course) but always galvanising performances.
Jonathan Woolf,  Music Web

© Profil Medien, 2007

Theme and 8 variations

also on the CD: Shostakovich - Symphony No.15

Staatskapelle Dresden. Conductor Kirill Kondrashin 

Premiere Performance Recording (23/01/1974) !

 "The Theme & Eight Variations by Boris Tchaikovsky  was written for this concert and are heard in their world premiere. The work has only reinforced my curiosity about -and appreciation of- a composer that has long been recommended to me" (Jens F. Laurson - WETA 90.9).

Naxos, 2007

Premiere recordings
                    (Released in January 2007)!!! - First Symphony
                    (Volgograd Philharmonic/Edward Serov); suites
                    "The Murmuring Forest" and "After the
                    Ball" (Saratov Conservatory Orchestra/Kirill

Symphony No.1 (1947) *
The Murmuring Forest (1953) (suite) **
After the Ball (1952) (suite) **
* Volgograd Philharmonic Orchestra. Conductor Edward Serov

** Saratov Conservatory Symphony Orchestra. Conductor Kirill Ershov

World Premiere Recordings!

CD of the week accordingly Scena:
'... I cannot name a stronger first symphony in recent memory, and the two radio suites that fill out the CD are balletically gorgeous. Give me Boris over Peter Ilyich, any day." (
Norman Lebrecht)
28. NF/PMA 9946

© Northern Flowers , 2006

Violin Concerto (first
                    recording on the CD!). V.Pikaizen, Odense
                    Symphony/E.Serov (live recording 1994)

Violin Concerto  (1969) (live recording 1994)

Odense Symphony Orchestra. Conductor Edward Serov
Victor Pikaizen (violin)


 “It certainly is unlike any other violin concerto I’ve ever heard. In such rare works we are taken to an inner world that we simply could never have imagined existed, and yet it is presented to us with such particularity and vividness that it seems undeniablyreal. The  performance conveys absolute conviction”
(Mark Lehman, American Record Guide).
27. Hanssler 93176

© Hanssler Classic, 2006

Sonata for cello and piano (1957)  Jonannes Moser (cello), Paul Rivinius (piano)  
26. 8.557727
Naxos, 2006


Piano Concerto (soloist Olga Solovieva);
                    Clarinet Concerto (Anton Prishcepa); Signs of the
                    Zodiac (Yana Ivanilova). Conductor: Timur Mynbaev

Piano Concerto * (1971)

Concerto for Clarinet and chamber orchestra ** (1957)

Signs of the Zodiac *** (1974) , cantata

Russian Academy of Music Chamber Orchestra
Conductor Timur Mynbaev

Olga Solovieva (piano) *, Yana Ivanilova (soprano) ***, Anton Prischepa (clarinet) **

Recorded in 2005

“Performances are excellent from all concerned... At Naxos’s price, every music-lover should give this CD a try.”  (Phillip Scott, Fanfare)

"Olga Solovieva tackles the difficult Concerto with an arsenal of technical gifts and interpretive panache" (Robert Cummings, Classical Net Review).

CR 991080
© + (P) 2005 FPRK Kuenstlerleben Foundation

Symphony with Harp -
                    premiere recording!; Symphony No.2

Symphony No.2 (1967), live recording 1979

Symphony with Harp (1993), live premiere performance recording 1993 *

Tchaikovsky Symphony Orchestra of Moscow Radio.

Conductor Vladimir Fedoseev

* Emilia Moskvitina (harp)


MEL CD 10 00944
Melodiya, 2005

Sonata for cello and piano (1957) *
"Lyrics of Pushkin",
vocal cycle (1972) **
Partita for cello, piano, harpsichord, electric guitar & percussion
(1966) ***
Boris Tchaikovsky (piano) *, **; (harpsichord) ***
Mstislav Rostropovich (cello), *, ***
Galina Vishnevskaya (soprano) **
*** - Alexander Dedyukhin (piano), I.Khovov (electric guitar), A.Mamyko and Yu.Godin (percussion).
 “Lyrics of Pushkin is one of the finest works by Tchaikovsky that I have heard so far. Substantial Cello Sonata is a work from the composer’s early maturity, but already displays considerable formal
and instrumental mastery.”
(Hubert Culot, Music Web)

TROY 749
Albany Records, 2005

"Boris Tchaikovsky Edition", Vol.2

World Premiere recordings
                    of B.Tchaikovsky's music for piano solo: Piano
                    Sonatas, Sonatina, Eight Pieces for Children,
                    Pentatonic, Natural Modes (Olga Solovieva /piano):
                    Albany Records, 2005

Sonata for Piano No. 1 (1944)
Sonata for Piano No. 2
"Eight Pieces for Children"
"Natural Modes"
Olga Solovieva (piano)

Recorded in 2004, World Premiere Recordings!

"Excellent young Russian Olga Solovieva confirms that Tchaikovsky's piano music is tremendously rewarding, often highly individual..." (Murray McLachlan, Magazine 'Piano')

NF/PMA 9928

© Northern Flowers , 2005

"The Last Spring", vocal cycle (1980) Ludmila Shkirtil (mezzo), Yuri Serov (piano),
Adil Feodorov (clarinet), Natalia Sechkariova (flute)

recorded in 2004


CHAN 10299H
Chandos Records, 2005

Premiere recordings: "The Wind of
                    Siberia", "Music for Orchestra";
                    Sebastopol Symphony: Chandos Records, 2005

Sebastopol Symphony (1980)

"The Wind of Siberia" (1984), poem for orchestra

"Music for Orchestra" (1987)

Tchaikovsky Symphony Orchestra of Moscow Radio.

Conductor Vladimir Fedoseev

recorded in 1980s

World Premiere Recordings

CD of the year (2005) accordingly to Svenska Dagbladet

The music by Boris Tchaikovsky is so important,
so gripping and profoundly beautiful
that he should be played just as often as his more famous namesake.” (Thomas Roth)


TROY 731
Albany Records, 2005

"Boris Tchaikovsky Edition", Vol.1

Valentin Feigin plays
                    Boris Tchaikovsky (Cello Concerto, Cello Suite,
                    Piano Trio): Albany Records, 2005

Concerto for cello and orchestra *

Suite for Solo Cello

Trio for piano, violin and cello **

Valentin Feigin (cello)

* St. Petersburg Chamber orchestra. Conductor Edward Serov

** Igor Zhukov (piano), Grigory Feigin (violin)

recorded in 1960s-1970s


CR 991076
© + (P) 2004 FPRK Kuenstlerleben Foundation

Piano Concerto,
                    "Juvenile", Capriccio on English Themes
                    (Relief, 2005)

Piano Concerto (1971) (recorded 1980)
(1984), poem for orchestra (recorded 1985, live)
Capriccio on English Themes (1954) (recorded 1989)
Tchaikovsky Symphony Orchestra of Moscow Radio.
Conductor Vladimir Fedoseev

Boris Tchaikovsky (piano)



© Hyperion Records, 2004

Sinfonietta, Chamber Symphony, 6 Etudes,
                        The Bells (Hyperion Records, 2004)

Sinfonietta for string orchestra (1953)

Chamber Symphony (1967)

Six Etudes for Strings and Organ (1976)*

Prelude "The Bells" (1996; orchestrated by P.Klimov in 2003)

Musica Viva Chamber Orchestra.

Conductor Alexander Rudin

* Ludmila Golub (organ)

recorded in 2003-2004

'This disc - accessible in every sense of the word - is a useful addition to the discography of music written during the Soviet era. The sound is clean and bright. Worth exploring' (International Record Review)

'if you don't know this score, I urge you to grab this recording hurriedly: for a mixture of unhurried lyricism, gentle good humour, capable but lightly handled counterpoint, you'll find it hard to beat' (Fanfare, USA)

17. Artel "Eastern Wind", 2004
Concerto for cello and orchestra Ivan Monighetti (cello)

Russian Symphony Orchestra. Conductor Mstislav Rostropovich

16. CDBMR 308272

© Boheme Music, 2003

"Современная русская музыка для
                      виолончели" Sonata for cello and piano (recorded 2003) Alexander Rudin (cello), M.Butir (piano)  
15. NF/PMA 9918

© Northern Flowers , 2003

Works for chamber orchestra Chamber Symphony (1967)

Signs of the Zodiac (1974) , cantata

Four Preludes for chamber orchestra (1984)

Concerto for Clarinet and chamber orchestra (1957)

St. Petersburg Chamber orchestra. Conductor Edward Serov

Margarita Miroshnikova (soprano), Grigory Korchmar (cembalo)

Adil Feodorov (clarinet)

14. © Occam Records (Germany), 2001 - Matthias Mueller, 1998
Concerto for Clarinet & Chamber Orchestra  Large P.Tchaikovsky Symphony Orchestra. Conductor Misha Damev.
Matthias Mueller (clarinet).
13. CDBMR 907084

© Boheme Music, 1999

Trio for piano, violin and cello, h-moll (recorded in 1960) 

Quartet Nr. 6 for two violins, viola and cello (recorded 1982) 

Sextet for wind instruments and harp, F-dur (recorded 1998) 

Boris Tchaikovsky (piano), Viktor Pikaizen (violin), Evgeni Altman (cello)

Andrei Korsakov (first violin), Margarita Peletsis (second violin), Aleksander Petrov (viola), Andrei Demin (cello)

Leonid Lebedev (flute), Olga Tomilova (oboe), Vladimir Permyakov (clarinet), Vyacheslav Podkopaev (bassoon), Viktor Galkin (French horn), Emilia Moskvitina (harp)

12. CDBMR 908085

© Boheme Music, 1999

"Aibolit-66", vocal and symphonic suite from the film-music (recorded 1988) 

"Balzaminov's Marriage", Suite from the film-music (recorded 1990 ) 

The USSR State Symphony Cinematographic Orchestra and Chorus.
Conductor Amin Khachaturian. Choismaster Ludmila Urman.

Soloists: V.Yaroslavtsev (bariton), S.Stepchenko (soprano), S.Baikov (basso), V.Urman (tenor), E.Obolenskaya (mezzo).

11. CR 991064
© + (P) 1999 FPRK Kuenstlerleben Foundation

Sinfonietta for string orchestra (recorded 1986).

Theme and 8 variations (recorded 1979)

The Large Symphony Orchestra of TV USSR.
Vladimir Fedoseev
10. CR 991065
© + (P) 1999 FPRK Kuenstlerleben Foundation

Concerto for cello and orchestra Viktor Simon (cello)

The Large Symphony Orchestra of TV USSR.
Vladimir Fedoseev

9. EMI CZS 572016 2
"The Russian Years",
disk 5)

The CD was reissued in 2009 on the CD-set "Mstislav Rostropovich - The Complete EMI Recordings" (Cat. No: 17597)

Suite for Solo Cello in D Minor (1960) 

Partita for cello, piano, harpsichord, electric guitar & percussion (1966)*

Concerto for Cello & Orchestra (1964)**

M.Rostropovich (cello), A.Dedyukhin (piano), B.Tchaikovsky (harpsichord), Khovov (electric guitar), Malichko and Godin (percussion).

**Moscow Philharmony Orchestra.
Conductor Kirill Kondrashin

8. PolyGram 456268-2
(P) & © 1997 PolyGram Russia
Intruduction from film-score "The Balzaminov's Marriage"  Symphonic Orchestra of TV-6 Moscow "Russian Philharmony".
Conductor Alexander Vedernikov
7. RDCD 11026
(P) 1994 Russian Disc

Sonata for cello and piano E-Minor  Alla Vasilieva (cello), Boris Tchaikovsky (piano)

(recorded 1978)
6. Magna Music
2153179 LG6926

Sinfonietta for string orchestra  Schaffrath-Kammerorchester, Conductor H.Schmalenberg
(recorded 1992)
5. RDCD 11063
(P) 1994 Russian Disc

Symphony Nr. 2  Moscow Philarmony Orchestra. Conductor Kirill Kondrashin

(recorded 1969)
4. PCCL-00206
© & (P) 1994
Pony Canyon Inc., (Japan)

Theme and 8 variations  The Large Symphony Orchestra of TV USSR.
Vladimir Fedoseev

(recorded 1993).
3. INCD 7521
(P) 1993

This recording of Partita was reissued in 2009 on the CD-set "1967 Carnegie Hall Marathon" by Doremi Records

Partita for Cello, Harpsichord, Piano, Electric Guitar and Percussion  M.Rostropovich (cello) and the musicians of London Symphony Orchestra, Conductor Gennady Rozhdestvensky

(recorded 1967 in Carnegie Hall)
2. GLOBE GLO 6006
© & (P) 1991 Klaas Posthuma Productions

Theme and 8 variations Moscow Philharmony Orchestra. Conductor Kirill Kondrashin

(recorded 1978)
1. SUCD 10-00235

Juvenile, Poem for orchestra 

Sinfonietta for string orchestra

A.Petrov (viola d'amour), Boris Tchaikovsky (piano),

The Large Symphony Orchestra of TV USSR.
Vladimir Fedoseev

* recorded 1989, **