The Boris Tchaikovsky Society's current activities include also the promotion the music of composers close to Boris Tchaikovsky, as well as his precursors. Thus, we participated in the recordings of such CDs as :  Anatoly Lyadov: Complete Piano Music, Volumes 1 & 2; Dnitry Shostakovich: Songs for the Front ; Herman Galynin: Piano Music; Vissarion Shebalin. Complete chorus a capella; Sergey Taneyev: Violin Sonata, Music for Piano

Complete works for piano, Vol.1 & Vol.2

Boris Tchaikovsky

New CD releases:

[1925 - 1996]

In March 2016: Chamber and
                    Piano Pieces The War Suite - Piano Quintet Violin Sonata/Concerto Naxos: Andersen's Tales Suites

Long-awaited premiere recordings: String
                      Trio, From Kipling, Four Poems by J.Brodsky, Two
                      Pieces for Balalaika & Piano

Second Symphony, piano pieces

Violin Concerto (first recording on the CD!).
                      V.Pikaizen, Odense Symphony/E.Serov (live
                      recording 1994)

String Quartets - first complete recordings.
                      Ilya Ioff, Elena Raskova, Lidia Kovalenko, Alexey

Premiere recordings
                      (Released in January 2007)!!! - First Symphony
                      (Volgograd Philharmonic/Edward Serov); suites
                      "The Murmuring Forest" and "After
                      the Ball" (Saratov Conservatory
                      Orchestra/Kirill Ershov)

Coming in January 2008: Slavonic Rhapsody
                      (cond. S.Samosud), Fantasia on Russian Folk
                      Themes, Capriccio on English Themes, Sinfonietta
                      (cond. A.Gauk); rec. 1950s

Symphony with Harp -
                      premiere recording!; Symphony No.2

                      by Regis Records - Piano Quintet, The Last Spring
                      (composer playing piano)

Piano Concerto (soloist Olga Solovieva);
                      Clarinet Concerto (Anton Prishcepa); Signs of the
                      Zodiac (Yana Ivanilova). Conductor: Timur Mynbaev

Premiere recordings: "The Wind of
                      Siberia", "Music for Orchestra";
                      Sebastopol Symphony: Chandos Records, 2005

World Premiere
                      recordings of B.Tchaikovsky's music for piano
                      solo: Piano Sonatas, Sonatina, Eight Pieces for
                      Children, Pentatonic, Natural Modes (Olga
                      Solovieva /piano): Albany Records, 2005

Sinfonietta, Chamber Symphony, 6 Etudes,
                          The Bells (Hyperion Records, 2004)